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We operate so that you can receive the best energy contract, reduce your energy consumption and minimise your carbon footprint.

Impartial advice

You can take advantage of guidance from an unbiased partner, ensuring you receive the optimal contract for your business, untainted by

the interests of suppliers.

Money savers

With access to over 17 major energy companies, you can rest assured that you will receive the best solution for your business - at the best price for your budget, without the constraints of being tied down to one supplier.

In depth analysis

Oil prices, currency valuations and government taxes all impact the price of energy. With CMM Energy, you can take advantage of the latest market analysis, ensuring you are able to receive the best contract, at the right time.

Constant point of contact

We understand running a business can leave you feeling rushed off your feet. That's why CMM Energy remove the time and hassle of dealing with your energy supplier, by managing the entire process for you, whether you are switching suppliers or questioning a bill.

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Go Green

With green tariffs available, you can ensure your power is generated from 100% renewable sources, whether you are a small business or a major corporate user. 

As green tariffs meet the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, you will be able to report zero emissions for "Scope 2" purchased emissions. 

Green tariffs come with a "Guarantee of Origin" so you can rest assured your energy has been generated exclusively through wind (hydro assets).

workplace charging scheme

The Workplace Charging Scheme is available for UK businesses looking to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. If you're eligible, this means access to a grant of up to £10,000, to reduce the costs of installation. We can accelerate this process, and provide full management, support and installation.

26% of all carbon emissions are generated from transport. EV solutions mean you can reduce emissions, improve air quality and report on your energy and CO2 savings.

Implementing an EV solution means you can position your business as a progressive thought leader, and put your words into action.



CMM Energy was founded by the directors of CMM Telecoms. This means carrying over 20 years of experience in commercial negotiation, assistance and consultation to the energy industry.

We work with the UK's major suppliers to ensure we can secure an energy contract for our clients; at the right price and the right time, in a fluctuating marketplace.

You'll receive hassle-free support, personalised advice and a dedicated account manager.


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