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26% of all carbon emissions are generated from transport.

As 'generation Greta' gains traction and continues to raise awareness of our global climate crisis, it won’t be long before governments enforce mandatory changes for all businesses to become greener.

If you implement Electric Vehicle solutions now, you can reduce emissions, improve air quality and report on your energy and CO2 savings. Concerns over cost and convenience may be holding you back, but there are schemes in place that can help.


What if you could receive government support to go 'greener'?

access a grant of up to £10,000

The Workplace Charging Scheme is a government-funded initiative, available for eligible UK businesses that want to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. 


This means access to a grant of up to £10,000.

If your business is eligible, you’ll receive a grant of up to £10,000 from the government to reduce the costs of installing EV charging points on your premises.

This means you can boost your CSR strategy and help the planet. We can accelerate this process, and provide full support and management.

Why is now the time to make a change? 

Registrations of new EV's by the end of July 2019, an increase of over 6,200% since 2013.


Of businesses surveyed are planning to introduce more EV's into their fleets.

Electric Vehicles are predicted to be on the roads by 2030.

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We can handle every aspect of the process, from the initial consultation, through to installation, and maintenance packages.


We have access to Europe’s largest and most diverse range of units – full electric and hybrids. 


You'll be consulted throughout the process, to ensure your requirements are met, now and in the future. 

full package

 All installations come with an account manager, a three year warranty and onsite installation package.

How can we help?


Switch to a green tariff and you can ensure your power is generated from 100% renewable sources, irrelevant of your business size. 

You'll be able to report zero emissions for "Scope 2" emissions as all green tariffs meet the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

Your tariff will have a certified "Guarantee of Origin" so you can rest assured your energy has been generated exclusively through wind (hydro assets).


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We have access to over 17 major energy companies, so we can provide the best solution for your business - at the best price for your budget, without the constraints of being tied down to one supplier.

In depth analysis

Energy prices are never at a stand still. Oil prices, currency valuations, government taxes and more, all impact the price of energy you receive. We have access to the latest market analysis, so we can provide you with the best contract at the right time.

full management

We understand running a business can leave you feeling rushed off your feet. That's why CMM Energy remove the time and hassle of dealing with your energy supplier, by managing the entire process for you, whether you are switching suppliers or questioning a bill.

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We'll search for the best rates, manage your new and existing suppliers, take care of the contract admin and make sure you reduce your carbon emissions.